And yet if he killed him, he'd be the one going to jail...

 he thefts, ah yes. Young criminal masterminds test their talents to disastrous results. If I was going to risk bringing the wrath of the shopkeeper down on me and go to court over stealing a game, I'd make it a good one. A gold plated autographed copy of Final Fantasy 3 signed by the authors. At least then it's a financial reason. Or possibly just want a rare game that I can't get.

Villainy: Chapter 1
Wherein The Gord believes if you are going to steal, steal something good.

Villainy: Chapter 2
Wherein The Gord expresses displeasure at having to run.

Villainy: Chapter 3
Wherein The Gord saw the writing on the van.

Villainy: Chapter 4
Wherein The Gord brings justice to the schools!

Villainy: Chapter 5
Wherein The Gord solves crimes from the ancient past!

Villainy: Chapter 6
Wherein The Gord delivers a riveting speech on the dangers of theft!

Villainy: Chapter 7
Wherein The Gord foils an escape attempt!

Villainy: Chapter 8
Wherein The Gord uses the power of account listings to fight crime!

Villainy: Chapter 9
Wherein The Gord treats thieves equal, regardless of gender.

Villainy: Chapter 10
Wherein The Gord sells the game that was stolen by the thief to the thief.

Villainy: Chapter 11
Wherein The Gord repels the invaders!

Villainy: Chapter 12 
Wherein The Gord countermands the plan of an evildoer!

Villainy: Chapter 13 
Wherein The Gord stands tall in the face of evil!

Villainy: Chapter 14 
Wherein The Gord consoles an intellectually challenged thief.

Villainy: Chapter 15 
Wherein The Gord failed to write a description.


ou shall not steal, nor deal falsely, nor lie to the Gord. And you shall not swear by my name falsely, and so profane the name of your Gord: I am the Gord!