Yet another example of not thinking the criminal master plan through.

hapter Fifteen

hy Don't You Trust Me?

Customer walks around the store before coming to the counter with a small stack of games.

"I'd like to rent a PlayStation and these games please."

"Very well.  What's your phone number?"

"I don't have an account here.  But I'd like to sign one up."

"Very well, driver's licence and credit card.  Cough up."

"Uhm....  I don't have those.  Can't I just give you my name."

"Let me think about that... no."

"Oh come on.  My name is Michael Anderson."


"Oh come on.  I promise to bring it back.  I just live a couple blocks away."

"I've been here three years, you live just a couple blocks away, and you're just now coming in to rent a system without a single piece of ID?"

Part time employee enters the store, notices the customers and upon recognizing him speaks to the customer.

"Hey Brad."

<dramatic pause>

"Hello Brad."

<dramatic pause>

"Goodbye Brad."

Gord types into the computer.

Account Status:  Brad Stephenson       

Note: No account. Bad person. Likes the name Michael Anderson.