Why steal a 5 year old Genesis sport title?  Why!  What evil master plan calls for such a useless act?!  I must know!

hapter Seven

rilliant Thieves Wanted!  Yet Again!

If I were to go and try and steal something, I'd at least make it worth the risk.  Go for the gold! 

This young thief wasn't that bright.

Who would steal old Genesis sports games?  Well, no one usually.  So Gord would just leave them in the boxes on the floor.  Why steal a game priced at $5?

Well, seems three young thieves decided they really wanted Rugby and couldn't raise the $5 for the price tag.   The Gord wasn't paying attention to the kids as they were only looking at Genesis games, but his brother noticed that they pocketed one game.

When they left the Gord was informed of their act, and the Gord confirmed the game was stolen.  So he stepped out to catch up to them.

"Hey!  You!" proclaimed the Gord.

The kids keep walking.

"Stop already!" suggested the Gord.

(perhaps they were thinking if they ignored the Gord, the Gord would go away).

"DON'T MAKE ME RUN!!" yelled the Gord.

The kids stopped.  The Gord approached.

"Alright, give me the game back."

Two of the kids looked guilty and kept their eyes at the ground.  The third kid went into mouthy mode.  Three guesses who had the game, first two don't count.

"You can't touch us!"



"I'm going to do to you the same thing that happened to the last thief I caught.  I'm going to toss you into a wall, into a van, and into a wall again. "

"You can't do that!"

"Good news for you, there is no van here.  Bad news, you're going into that wall twice."

And the Gord grabbed the kid and picked him up.

"Ok!  Ok!  I'll give you your game back!" as he began to scream and tears came out of his eyes.

The Gord was a forgiving Gord.  He spared the child and returned with his game.  And the young child entered his excommunication from the store.