When renting and not returning games, at least make sure it's a good one.


hapter One

he List Of Doom and Despair!

When stealing a game, at least go for the good stuff.  The people who stole these titles (by renting and then never returning them) must have been laughed at by their friends and now lead sheltered lives.

Spec Ops

Why the hell would someone spend $5 on a game that sells new for $12?  My god, why? 

Jersey Devil

What the hell was this person thinking?  "I'd like to choose crap games for $500 Alex…  What is Jersey Devil!"

World Cup 98

Now, I could see stealing this if it was shiny and new, and you really loved soccer.  But my friends, it was stolen 18 months after it came out, and it was only on the shelf because I forgot about it.  I sell them used for around $9.

Auto Destruct

Just like Felony 11-79!  Only it sucks!  It must be good!

Air Combat

Hmm.. Air Combat or Ace Combat 2.  Hmm… He has a stack of budget label copies of Air Combat new and used, yet no Ace Combat 2's.  Air Combat must be better!  I'll steal that one!

Soul of the Samurai

Damn it.  Resident Evil's are all out.  How about I steal a really bad knock-off of it?  It'll be just as good!

PGA Tour 98

Golf games kick ass!  Who wants Tiger Woods '99 for $30 when I can have this beauty!  Surely that used copy selling for $10 must be priced wrong…

Crusin' USA

It's from Midway!  It's got to be good! 

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

It's Star Wars!  It's Nintendo!  It's got to be good!  Hmm… do I steal the rental copy, or the copy that is used to hold the used display shelving…

Test Drive 4

Man!  It's got a sticker saying "Please steal me!" and Test Drive 5 is out.  I can't go wrong!

Deadly Arts

You'd think they would play the game and decide to return it before keeping it forever.  I would have pulled it down already, but there were no good fighting games on the N64 at the time.

NBA In The Zone '98

Why steal a crap rental game that wasn't really a rental game but a $5 used game that was accidentally put in the rental section?  So I rented it to buddy anyway, and he stole it.

And to think he spent $6 renting it  I made an extra dollar and destroyed his credit.

Bravo Air Racer

Another example of where a person should play the game before stealing it.

Brand-X Memory Card

Why rent and steal a memory card that I sell for $5?

Ready To Rumble

Oh please!  Please don't steal a game I have 5 used copies of that no one ever buys!  Please don't make me put up a used copy that will never sell to replace it!

Regular PlayStation Controller

Why go for the $12 controller when the Dual Shocks are the same price?  Go for the good ones!