Think, then steal!  Think, then steal! Think, then steal!  Damn it people, if they want to be successful, think like a mastermind!

hapter Five

ot Thinking The Plan Through!

The nice thing about credit cards is that if someone steals your card or gets your number, you aren't responsible for any purchases they make on it.

So one brilliant thief thought "hey!  I'll just use my credit card to buy a bunch of crap and claim it was stolen!"

Well, that would have been the plan had he thought it through first.  Instead, his plan was more like "damn, I spent too much money.  I'll just claim the credit card was stolen."

So about 5 months after the purchases were made the Gord got a letter and phone call from Visa saying buddy was contesting the charges and that his card was stolen.  In their conversations it comes up that buddy is contesting some $4K worth of purchases all over the place.

When the Gord pulled up the name of the person who was contesting the charges, he found a rather curious item.

The same day he bought his N64 and games, he also signed up an account so he could rent games.  Seems buddy had completely forgot that he had provided the Gord with his drivers license and SIN card as ID.  Any hope that Visa was going to believe that his card was stolen went out the window.

And the Gord notes that a plan is best planned first and not after.