When planning to rob a store, be sure to case the place first.  Never skip classes when going to crime school.

hapter Twelve

elling What Is Not Theirs.


"Gamer's Edge."

"Gord, it's Eric.  Seems someone brought in one of your Dreamcasts into my pawn shop yesterday.  You want to come and check to see if it's yours?  The game that came with it definitely was."

And Gord went down to the pawn shop that was a block away.  Sure enough, it was one of Gords. 

The unit had been rented by our friend Steven.  Steven had been a good customer for over a year.  Always rented, paid late fees, never a problem.  He had often rented hardware without a deposit as he was such a frequent customer.

Seems he woke up stupid that particular day.

Anyway, Gord phones Steven.  Gord had talked to him a couple days prior about the Dreamcast being late, as it was due back 4 days prior.


"Steven, it's Gord from Gamer's Edge.  How are ya?"

"Oh, pretty good."

"So how's Blue Stinger?"

"It's great, I'm stuck in this one spot though.  But I'm having fun."

"Oh really?"

"Yep.  I've been playing all week."

"I'm going to need that unit back today as I've got a reservation on it.  Can you bring it back before 7?"

"Well, I'm playing it right now.  And I don't want to quit if I can help it."

"You're playing it right now?"

"Yep.  Right up until you called."

"That's bizarre.  Because the Dreamcast and game are down at a pawn shop.  How very odd indeed. "

<Dramatic pause>

"Uhm, no it isn't."

"Yes, yes it is.  I confirmed the serial #'s already.  Plus your name and ID were on the pawn slip."


"Okay, this is how things are going to work.  You are going to go down to the pawn shop and pay the money you owe on the unit, then the owner of the pawn shop is going to give me a call and I'll be picking it up.  Now, if I don't have that phone call in two hours, I'm going to be phoning the police.  They'll go get me my unit back, and you'll be criminally charged."

"But... but..."

"But nothing!  This is not a negotiation.  Those are the terms to be followed if you want to stay out of jail.  You now have slightly less than two hours to solve this quandary you've started.  Good day."

An hour later Gord got his phone call from the pawn shop to pick up his stuff.  Steven did not want to go to jail it would appear.