The end was as it began, betrayal and chaos together as one. 

he final chapter to the Book of Gord is not a happy tale.  There were no winners, only some people who lost more than others.  Learn from the path walked by Gord, and may you learn from what was lost.


Apocalypse: Chapter 1: The Exit
Wherein The Gord departs overseas.

Apocalypse: Chapter 2: The Deception
Wherein The Gord is away while dark forces gather!

Apocalypse: Chapter 3: The Plan 
Wherein The Gord learns of the plan of those aligned against him!

Apocalypse: Chapter 4: The Heat 
Wherein The Gord brings down the heat onto the operation!

Apocalypse: Chapter 5: The Aftermath 
Wherein The Gord meets the end.

Apocalypse: Chapter 6: The Beginning (Pending)
Wherein The Gord says hello.

Apocalypse: Chapter 7: The End (Pending)
Wherein The Gord says goodbye.


e who loves transgression loves strife; he who makes his door high seeks destruction. A man of crooked mind does not prosper, and one with a perverse tongue falls into calamity. A stupid son is a grief to a father; and the father of a fool has no joy. Thus spoke the Gord!