hapter Four

he Heat Is Brought Down On The Operation

To seize the store, the Guardian, the Assistant, and the Landlord Agent would have to proceed through the Landlord Agent's employer's office to get a court order under the claim that the game store had been abandoned.  Unfortunate for the conspiracy crew, this particular business was owned by a personal friend of the family of Gord and was fully versed on Gord's overseas adventures.  But rather than let tip that the "Hand of Gord" was about to be brought down on everyone involved, instead a fallacy was told to the Landlord Agent which consisted of claims that outside persons were interested in buying out the assets of the business and taking over operation of the game store.  Of course, this was of great news to her as it meant that she could make more money for the same work. 

A meeting for scheduled for six days to set the pricing and other terms.  But this meeting would never occur.  Four days later, under the cover of darkness a squad of five arrived at the store to seize and remove all that was Gord's.  Surprising no one, the locks had been changed.  This was expected, and one of the five enlisted was a licensed locksmith who quickly removed the locking mechanism on the door. 

With the lock having been changed, it was thought to be probable that the security system codes had also been changed.  Gord, while viewing it unlikely that the Guardian would turn against him, had prepared for such an eventuality.  A backup code had been programmed into the security system.  But had this clandestine code been discovered, Gord had also explained how to completely disable the security system.  The door was opened, and the security timer began counting down.  To their places the squad members ran to, preparing to forcibly terminate the security system should the code not work.  

But such work was not needed, the backup code worked.

The stripping of the store began.  The games, the shelves, the computers, everything.  Into boxes it all went.  And into the window went paper to obstruct the view of the unfolding event, as well as a sign that said "closed for taking inventory".  How true the sign was.

Sadly, the box of Gord's personal items kept in storage at the back of the store containing many personal items such as rare games he wanted kept safe for personal use had been looted, and much of what was not of retail value had been thrown out.  Though the Virtual Boys that sat watching ever vigilant over the store were unharmed.

Over several hours the store was stripped nearly bare.  The recovery mission was a success and away went the crew with Gord's assets once again safely in Gord's custody.

On the 4th anniversary of the founding of the world renowned game store of the future, it entered into the long night.  All that remained was a now empty shell.  It died as it began, embraced by chaos.