hapter Five

he Aftermath

A few hours later an instant message arrived on Gord's computer.  It was polite in asking "what's up?"   Gord was equally polite with his "You have been removed."

Sadly, things spoke from The Assistant were far less polite. Having lost the opportunity to acquire thousands of dollars worth of assets for mere pennies on the dollar, he promised far and wide should Gord ever return that a violent event would befall him.  How dare Gord stop him from stealing all of Gord's stuff!

As for the Agent, she was fired from her job.  That was the last Gord ever heard of her.

After a few days, the Guardian did try his hand at filing a civil suit against Gord's father as Gord was unreachable and tried to take ownership of some assets from the store he claimed were his.  Eventually the court dismissed the case and offered to punitively punish the Guardian for perpetuating a fraud upon the court, but after watching the Guardian lose so much and be left with so little it was thought best to just leave him be.  He had been railroaded by the greed of those around him and there was little reason to punish him for the rest of this life simply because he chose to believe the lies of others.

Eventually, much of the inventory was sold off or boxed up for nostalgic reasons.  Other assets, like the TV were loaned out to loving homes.  And things like the shelving units were kept stacked for use in a future venture.

Whatever became of Gord?  After he went through the door on his right, he never did return to open another game store.  Instead, his one year planned working holiday in Asia was indefinitely extended.  His overseas adventure has not a simple one, and much like the time at the game store, chaos and excitement followed him to Asia to embrace him.

Will another Book of Gord one day be written?  Perhaps.  But for now the first Book of Gord draws to a close. 

As Gord would often say: "May the day find you well."