Gords  used to care about trying to make every customer happy.  Honest, he did.

here are some customers that Gord will try not to waste any more time on and tell them to hit the road.  Sometimes politely, sometimes not.  And it's cute how they often say they aren't coming back.  Oh no!  Someone I'm telling to get the hell out will never return!  What will Gord ever do?


Wrath: Chapter 1
Wherein The Gord orders the excommunication of three.

Wrath: Chapter 2
Wherein The Gord lays a trap!

Wrath: Chapter 3 
Wherein The Gord shows his wrath cannot be contained!

Wrath: Chapter 4  (new -August 25)
Wherein The Gord is known to have plans incomplete!


e who loves transgression loves strife; he who makes his door high seeks destruction. A man of crooked mind does not prosper, and one with a perverse tongue falls into calamity. A stupid son is a grief to a father; and the father of a fool has no joy. Thus spoke the Gord!