The hand of Gord reaches far beyond the simple confines of his store.

Fear the Gord.

hapter Four

he Trap That Never Was

One final trap that was being worked on before Gord took his leave at the empire was a delightfully cunning trap, as traps were wonderfully intellectual exercises!

The bait:  GoldenEye for the N64.  This particular cartridge had been destroyed by a family that had placed gum on the connection bridge, then they had their pet monkey who was wielding a screwdriver try to clean it off

The plan:  Rig up a series of capacitors inside the cartridge that would charge and then discharge sending 50,000 volts of electric death into the N64.  It would work exactly like a taser (think stun gun).  Then once this cartridge of N64 doom was ready, it would be left on the counter to be stolen.

After it was stolen, it would begin it's long reign of death!  N64's around the city would be destroyed at their very cores!  In one last defiant act, Gord would leave a murderous rampage of dead N64s in his wake.

Sadly, the screwdriver set required to open an N64 cartridge did not arrive before Gord had left to destinations overseas.  This glorious exercise would never see the light of day.

Or would it...