Why bother trying to steal something that is obviously a trap?  Unless you're a hell of a runner, you're going to get caught.

hapter Two

he Trap!

On a Friday night, Gord and others were in the store discussing what their plans were to be, when the idea came forth.  To lay a trap!

Traps are always entertaining.  Watching someone look around to decide if the risk is worth the reward.  And tonight, the reward was to be luring indeed!

"Pass me a dead PlayStation motherboard!"

"Here you go.  And here's a dead controller port."

"Great.  Grab a broken system shell too.  And that dead power supply from the top shelf."

And created was a PlayStation that was 100% defective in every component except the laser assembly which was missing, and in its place was a note that read "Congratulations!  You stole a completely non-functional  and incomplete PlayStation.  What, did you think that you would find a perfectly good PlayStation just sitting waiting to be stolen?  Fucking retard.  Love, Gamer's Edge."

And outside the clan went!  Empty PlayStation boxes were combined into a little shrine, a shrine to the PlayStation that would set atop the stack.  And to direct further attention to the stack, several demo CD's were flipped upside down and pointed to the machine as a giant arrow on the ground.

And a sign was hung above the PlayStation in large letters: "Please don't steal me.  You're being watched.  -Mgnt."

To the store they returned, where they then turned off the lights and engaged in the beauty that was StarCraft. 

From far and wide, the masses stopped and looked.  Walkers stopped and pondered, cars screeched to a halt and backed up, people walked by the stack over and over.  The sign screamed it was a trap, and yet many looked to see if it truly was.

Finally, one came up to the unit and looked around.  After concluding no one was looking as the store lights were out and therefore no one must be there, he picked up the PlayStation.  He looked around further, before placing the unit back down and running away.

At the end of the two hour experiment, no one had stolen the unit.

How curious.  People obey signs that say "don't steal me" and "hey! I suck! Buy me!" 

Most bizarre.