The hand of Gord reaches far beyond the simple confines of his store.

Fear the Gord.

hapter Three

on't Touch!  It's Dangerous!

Once upon a time Gord had a friend named Mike.  And this friend named Mike had been given a Gameshark.  Only this GameShark was not a normal Gameshark, it was evil and possessed dark spirits within!

It had a curious gift. This particular GameShark would blow out the PlayStation motherboard micro-fuses rendering the expansion port inoperable.

At the time, no thought was given to harnessing this power for evil.

A few months later a customer had brought in a GameShark that did not work. Gord tested it, found it did not work and in fact blew our the micro-fuses like the Mike's GameShark did.

This time, an evil idea was born!

"I'll give you $5 for it."

"Uhm... sure."

Gord buys the GameShark.

Then Gord left it on the counter begging to be stolen!  Far from the computer where Gord completed his transactions, and conveniently hidden from his sight by a flyer folder.  Would-be thieves would count their lucky stars at how tempting this target was.

And finally a couple weeks later, it was stolen!

Gord was a happy Gord.  Not only would it not work, but it would blow out the expansion port of any machine it was plugged into.

Over the next three weeks, Gord went from fixing no expansion ports for customers ever to more than ten during that time.  Gord's retribution was at hand, and the GameShark was doing its job well.  This exercise was very profitable for Gord.