h Gord… Who is this Gord? Well, let me tell you about Gord.

took it upon myself to bring the slobbering masses into my embrace, and occasionally one aspiring demigod stood above the rest, and proved himself worthy of the name Owner. One of my most promising Keepers of the Retail Faith was The Gord. "Go," I said unto The Gord. "Go, and continue to give to the masses what they so richly deserve!" And he did.

ut the story was not yet over. For some time The Gord and I concurrently kept The Retail Faith. His Establishment maintained, surpassed and soon eclipsed mine in sheer Consumer Idiocy. Tales were told that begged disbelief. "No one," we thought, "Is really that stupid." But the stories continued, and the cries of the wretched grew louder and more plentiful. The stories were true: The Gord had become an Owner in Hell. Witness after Witness held forth tales of lunacy and mental vacuousness.

nd when I travelled from the hallowed halls of my Game Store and visited the Game Store of The Gord, the truth became apparent. I have no cause to disbelieve the veracity of the tales told here. The truth, it would certainly seem, is contained herein. Go now, and read of The Gord, and know that he has walked the path of the Game Store Owner, and that he has suffered for all of us.

knew him as Gord.  These were his stories.

Last Update:

August 8, 2012:

1.  Now that pretty much everyone who has ever ordered a book in the past has got their's, I am selling the extra copies that were printed. If you want what is basically a hardcover version of this site, make a payment via PayPal to gord@actsofgord.com.

2.  Please ensure you include your address. Canada: $22, US: $24, and worldwide: $29. Basically, it's $19 plus shipping. US$ or CA$ are fine as the currencies are equal.

February 8, 2012:

1.  For those who never received your book, please email me your PayPal receipt and a copy of the book you paid for years ago will be sent to you. I assure you that the reason you didn't get your book is because PayPal hates you more than you can possibly imagine. Or me. Perhaps both.

2.  Once the last of the pre-paid books have been shipped, there will be a limited number of copies left over for people who would like to basically buy the site in hardcover paper form. However, no copies will be sold until essentially the last of the pre-ordered books have been shipped.

3.  Gord's personal web set is currently being blocked by his ISP until the new fibre line is run to the house. Telus allows people to run servers from their home, but they block port 80 on DSL connections.   http://aog.2y.net/   

4.  There is no new content to speak of. Though a related site on how not to run a business may be done in the coming months, because if there is one thing I don't know what to do, it's how to run a business. Less humour, more just an amazing list of how I can't do anything right.


Really old news:

I really should get a current email address for Stephanie if I am going to be suggesting people contact her. I wonder if I told her we're on for dinner when I am in Korea at the end of the month. Why do I not yet have a personal assistant who confirms these things for me?