The examples she set's for her children and peers is something to marvel at.  Why doesn't anyone say "Hey! You're an idiot."


hapter Two

etribution From Afar

Act 2

20 minutes later…


Ah sweet!  That's the same last name as the crazy lady…  Unleash the dogs of war!

"Good Afternoon, Government's Agents Office.  How may I direct your call?"

"Yes, I'd like to make a complaint about Gamer's Edge.  I need to talk to… <pause>…  the bureau, the bureau of… the bureau of video games and uhm…"

"The Bureau of Video Games and Customer Relations?  One moment please.  I'll transfer your call."

Gord presses the 5 key on the phone and says:

"Bureau of Video Games and Customer Relations.  How may I be of assistance?"

"Yes, I'd like to file a complaint about Gamer's Edge in Penticton!  For no reason they were rude to me and refused to rent to me!"

"Wait a minute, aren't you that crazy lady that was down there earlier today?  We're heard about you!  You slammed your door on your kid.  So what, are you retarded by birth or just been beat around the head too much?"


"Seriously, what's with you.  When they say the mentally challenged should not procreate, you're the poster child.  I can transfer you to that department if you like."

"You can't talk to me like that!"

"I'm sorry, but the law says that if you are on welfare that government agents can treat you however we want because technically, you owe us.  Get off welfare if you want to be treated with respect."


"What?"  (my god, has she not clued in yet as to what's going on?)

"Put your boss on the phone NOW!"

"One moment please."

(Gord presses the 5 key again for a tone)

"This is the department supervisor."

"Yes, your staff is rude to me!"

"Well, have you ever thought why that might be?"


"Well, look at you.  You're a lousy dresser, you're fucking annoying, and you're on welfare because you can't hold a job.  How about you just shut the hell up and stop spending my money by getting a job and off of welfare."


You'd think that they would have hung up a long time back… 

And you also think they would never come back.  Can you guess what part 3 is?  Oh I think you can…