When they see me tossing your friend into a wall, why would they do the exact same thing?  What, expecting milk and cookies?!


hapter Five

l Bundy Inspired Gord!

Once when Gord caught a shoplifter and excommunicated him, Gord also excommunicated his friend that was with him.  Friends who let friends try and steal Wayne Gretzky's 3D hockey deserve to be kicked out.

Anyway, the sidekick returns a couple weeks after the fact and tries to head to the back of the store to the big screen with a friend.  So the Gord walks up to him and politely ask him to "get the hell out before I throw you out."

Seems his mighty grade 10 social studies class taught him that he can do anything he wants.  So, the Gord grabbed his jacket and back of his neck and began to forcibly walk him towards the door.  The whole time he's screaming vulgarities and how Gord can't touch him and such.  The Gord didn't say a word.

When the Gord got to the door, he threw the punk out.  Only Gord missed and the punk hit the wall beside the door.  Ah Al Bundy, how you inspire us.  Then Gord moved over 2 feet and threw him out the door onto the sidewalk.

Now as Gord walked back to the counter the sidekick's sidekick then goes into how Gord can't do that and how if Gord ever did that to him he'd kick Gord's ass.

So the Gord decides to see just how bright the sidekick's sidekick is.

"Get the hell out before I throw you out."

One of the regulars laughs as he knows what's coming up.  He was here for part one a minute earlier.

So the punk still going on about how the law works and such.  So enough is enough, the Gord grabs the kid in the same fashion and begins to walk to the door with the punk.

And again the Gord threw and missed, the punk went right into the wall.  The Gord apologized for missing, and then tossed the punk outside to join his friend.