When someone has already proven they will be physical as a deterrence, don't make them prove it again.

hapter Four

he Gord vs. Little Bitch!

One local thief who was kicked out of the store was sitting out front one day.  Since it was somewhat busy the Gord didn't care.

Then a customer informed the Gord that the kid was trying to sell marijuana to anyone who walked in.

The Gord went outside to confront the young punk, but alas he was gone.

But as fate would have it, the next day the Gord spotted the young punk as he was out for a walk doing an errand.

"Hey!  You!  Little bitch!" as Gord ran up to him and confronted him.

"Shut the fuck up!" spoke the punk in front of his friend and his friends mother.

The Gord grabbed the punk and <BAM>!  Backhand against the face.  "Show some respect little bitch!"

"Fuck you!"

<BAM!>  and another backhand was delivered.  "Show some respect!"

"Fuck you, you can't do that!"


"Speak when spoken to little bitch!!"

The punk finally shuts up, and the other friend's mother goes in on how I can't do that.

"Ma'am, little bitch here was selling pot in front of my store to minors.  Quite frankly, I can do whatever I want to him."

"No I wasn't."


"That's for lying little bitch!"

Everyone goes quiet.  So Gord begins informing the punk if he ever sees him in front of his store ever again, the hand of Gord will be brought down on him.

Some people never learn.

Next day, the punk walks by in front of the store with a friend and yells obscenities at the Gord.  The Gord hops the counter and catches up to the punk as he walks down the street.  Gord spins him around by his shoulders and <BAM>, the backhand of justice was laid down.

"You can't do that!" spoke the friend and he stepped in to save his punk friend.

"Show respect, lest you will become what you seek to protect!"


"Never mind.  You can't handle it.  And you, little bitch!  If I ever see you again in front of my store, we'll do this exercise over again!"

And never again did he walk in front of the store.