When you decide to outnumber a man to take him down, make sure he has never heard of Jackie Chan....


hapter Two

he Gord Goes 2 and 0.

A quiet night as the Gord was preparing a letter to be sent off.  Then suddenly an individual runs up and kicks the front door to the store as hard as he can.

"What the hell is he doing?" thought the Gord as he stood up.

The attacker tried a second time to kick the door down.  Failing that, he turned and left the scene.

The Gord was an angry Gord, and the Gord was a vengeful Gord.

The Gord hopped over the counter and exited the store.  He quickly caught up to the two would be thieves across the street from the staircase exit to a lower level nightclub.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" queried the Gord in a most unpleasant fashion.

"We're just walking" was the response.

"Trying to kick down doors is a part of your walk!?" questioned the Gord.

"You want trouble?  You got trouble!" spoke one of the two individuals that Gord had stopped.  The individual pulled out a metal pipe from his jacket.

The Gord was curious why he hadn't used that to try and take the door down.

Anyway, the vandal wasn't very proficient in using a weapon and levelled it above his head in a threatening fashion.  Fortunately the Gord was trained for just this scenario.  He stepped in, ensured the arm could not swing the pipe at the Gord while the Gord's other hand came up and proceeded to send the vandals nose into his cranium.  The stories are true.  When you do that to a person there truly is blood everywhere.

While the vandal was dropping back and screaming in pain as his blood went everywhere, the second vandal stood in surprise.  Before the first  person even hits the ground the Gord side kicked the second person in the chest and send him careening down a cement staircase.

The conflict was resolved in two hits.  The Gord was 2 and 0.

The Gord picked up the pipe and returned to the store.  Shortly there after the police and paramedics arrived.  According to one of the officers on the scene a group of four guys gang beat up the two guys.  Or at least, that was their story.

For if you cross the Gord, the Gord shall strike you down!