When expecting others to back you up, don't be all visibly scared and back away.  Your fear invites their fear.


hapter One

obody Beats Anyone In The Store But Gord!

A quiet noon hour at the store as customers are about and all are happy.  Into the store enters a lone individual who begins to stalk one of the customers.

When the moment arrives, the stalker attacks and hits a lone person in the back of the head and runs for the exit.

"Nobody beats anyone around here but me" noted the Gord.  He was a very angry, vengeful Gord. Over the counter he leapt and outside he went to dish out the hand of vengeance on the stalker.  The spectators were perplexed as to what was going on and some only heard the cry of Gord as he yelled "Hey!  Jackass!  Get back here!"

The Gord exited the store and there awaited a mob of eight.  They had come in search of the one they had attacked, and were surprised by the hand of Gord.  While outnumbered, the Gord was not stopping.

"Hey you!  What the hell you doing!!!" announced the Gord as he approached the attacker.  Sensing danger, the attacker attempted to back away and proclaimed he didn't want trouble.

"You don't want trouble?  You got trouble!" spoke the Gord as he grabbed the kid about the jacket and yelled into his face.

At this time a lone individual decided to intervene and save his friend.  For your amusement, he was a homie who decided to take off his backpack and jacket and was speaking in homie.  The Gord let the punk go and approached the lone individual who sought to save his friend.

When they stood toe to toe, the Gord leaned forward and whispered so that only the homie could hear.  He spoke "Pick up your backpack and walk away or I will break your nose and let you bleed all over yourself to serve as an example to the others."

The homie decided he was rather fond of his clothes and his nose.  So he turned around, picked up his stuff and walked away, leaving his friend to fend for himself.

The punk who started it all was attempting to exit the scene.  The Gord quickly caught up to him and began to announce his displeasure at the scenario at hand.

While the punk proclaimed he wasn't afraid of the Gord, his backing up into a wall and profuse shaking suggested otherwise.

In the end the punk apologized and claimed the whole scenario was a misunderstanding.  In exchange for not having any painful move done to him, he vowed not to seek retribution on the individual he originally attacked.

The Gord spared him. 

The Gord is a vengeful Gord.  Love the Gord, fear the Gord.