It's customers like this that should really invest in new hobbies.

hapter Three

ell Them What They Want to Hear

"I read that the Xbox will be able to play Dreamcast games."

"Yes, it will be able to."

"Last week when I said it would do that, you called me retarded."

"I was wrong.  Not only can it play Xbox games, but PlayStation games, and Sega Saturn games."


"It gets better.  Through a port on the back, you'll also be able to play Super Nintendo games, Nintendo games, Genesis games, and Nintendo 64 games."

"That's incredible.  It does everything but play PS2 games."

"Remember reading how you need to buy a remote for the Xbox to license the console to play DVD movies?"


"Same thing with the Xbox playing PS2 games.  You'll buy an add-on for $30 that will let you play PS2 games."


"No, not really.  You're still just as retarded as last week."

<dramatic pause>

"You're an asshole."

"Yes, yes, yes.  And you're never coming back and I'll be sorry and every other thing you said last time.  Anything else to add?"


"Door's to your left.  Same place it was last week."