I remember a happier time when people used to threaten to sue because they were in the right.

hapter Nine

ankruptcy Law 101 And A Half!

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Well, I was looking at the map there.  Specifically Oceania, and wondering how people managed to colonize it by sitting in little canoes and hoping they hit land.  And of course, listening to Blumchen.  While she is singing in German as you can hear, I am told by a German that she is in actually from England.  That's just crazy enough to work if it's true."

"I meant this note from your collection company."

"Next time, say what you mean.  I answered the question you asked."

"You sent me to collections of a game I didn't return."


"You can't do that!"

"I would raise the obvious point that I have already done that, and in fact you are holding the evidence to support my cause."

"You see I filed for bankruptcy four years ago, so none of this applies.  Take it back."

"Four years ago?"


"And the game was rented when?"


"Filing for a court protected bankruptcy shields you from existing creditors and strikes your debts in exchange for a liquidation of most of your assets.  It allows you to recover from a negative net worth and affords you the ability to try and rebuild you life.  It is not a licence to steal games, nor is it forward acting towards new debts."

"I can't have this on my credit!  I'm trying to rebuild my credit."

"Not to be an ass, but I would like to point out you are in fact a poor credit risk.  While my example is limited to one variable, that being of you stealing a game from me, I do believe it is valid in characterizing your value as a person."

"You'll have to sue!  And the courts will rule in favour of me."

"As the person here with the greatest experience in suing people, I would say you are existing in a state of denial."

"If you sue, it'll cost you more than what you'll get from me."

"No, I'll get all court costs added to the award.  It all comes from your pocket."

"I'm never coming back!"

"Doors to your left."