When saying that the lawyer is going to be involved, at least tell the lawyer so that Gord won't smite him unchallenged.

hapter Three

amer's Edge vs. Gamer's Edge!


"Gamer's Edge"

"Yes, my name is Mike, I am from Gamer's Edge in Nanaimo."

(if only we had all known about the "Hello" "Hello" "I am Galdstaff, sorcerer of light!" "Then why'd you have to use magic missile?" ha ha ha… anyway, back to the story. -ed).

"Hello Michael from Gamer's Edge in Nanaimo."

"We have a problem."

"You received another one of my packages?"

(a couple week prior a package containing some 40 games from a distributor was sent to the Nanaimo Gamer's Edge instead of Gord's accidentally. --ed).

"You're using my name, Gamer's Edge!"

"Technically, I'm using my name Gamer's Edge that you have decided you rather like.  When did you start using the name?"

"In December of last year."

"So, in total some eight months."


"And I've been using the name for three years.  So just how is it that I'm stealing your name, when you're clearly stealing my name?"

"I registered the trademark!"

"I see.  Not withstanding that registering a trademark simply sets a date at which time you were to begin using the trademark.  This does not circumvent any prior use of the said trademark by other parties prior to the registration of the said trademark."

Anyway, Mike from Gamer's Edge in Nanaimo was getting pretty pissed.  Since everything wasn't going his way, Gord was fast becoming the anti-Christ.

But Gord wasn't evil.  And since he just moved from the old store to the new store, he thought about surrendering the name and such to Mike for a token momentary amount.  Gord had no emotional attachment to the name.

Mike was having none of this.  He was of the belief he was in the right, and that god himself was going to lead him to righteousness.

And then came the "I'll get my lawyer involved."

"I'll save him the call, what's his name and number?"

Surprisingly, Mike actually had a name and number.  So Gord called up the lawyer.  And called the lawyer.  And called the lawyer again.  After about four calls over a period of a few days, Gord finally got al hold of the lawyer who wasn't returning any calls.

Turns out the lawyer wasn't being an ass, but honestly had no idea why Gord was calling him as Mike didn't pass word on that Gord was trying to get a hold of him.

So Gord and the lawyer had a good talk.  It was friendly, social, and involved both of them laughing at Mike.

In the end, Mike changed his name to "Gamer's Edge Games and Gear." 

Though if Gord feels evil one day, he'll send in the trademark police and bring the heat down on his operation….