If they have to explain in great detail why they're important, that should be a clue they aren't.

hapter Two

ear Me, For I Am Important!


"Gamer's Edge."

"Yes, my name is Trevor Evans, and I just got a note from your collection company.  Why is that?!"

"Well, my theory would be that it would be because you owe me money.  But if you would like me to confirm, I could check my records.  What is your phone number and I'll check."

Gord pulls up his account and it turns out Mr. Evans here owes him $41 in late charges (he only ever spent $6 in the store in rentals in the first place), and never rented again. After six months, accounts owing more than $20 are forwarded to collections.  Gord explained all this to him.

"Late fees are illegal!  You can't charge them if you are a retail establishment!  I know the law!"

"Apparently you failed that class.  You were advised when you signed up that games returned late would incur a charge of $1 per day."

"That's illegal."

"Just because you say so doesn't make it true."

"Don't you know who I am?"

"Yes, you would be Trevor Evans."

"You don't know who I am, do you?!"

"You're not Trevor Evans?"

"You have no idea at all who I am!"

"You would be the guy that owes me $41 in late fees and apparently failed law class."

"I'll get my Lawyer after you!"

"I'll save him the call.  What's his name and number?"

"I'm not telling you his name."

"Did he fail his law class too?  I hope not."

"You'll have to sue me if you ever want your money."

Ok.  Normally I wait a year before filing any sort of legal action on unpaid debts, but if you want I can file that on Monday.  In hindsight, that was a pretty stupid threat as now you've got everything happening faster.  But then, you're you.  Have a nice day.


Two days later I get a cheque for the money owed.  Spiffy.