Some people shouldn't let their kids out.

hapter One

he TV Law!

"I'd like the play a game on the big TV please."

"I don't have any consoles hooked up to it at the moment as I'm somewhat busy today."

"You have to let me play on the TV!  It's the law"


"The law says if a store has a demo system set up, they have to let people play it at their request."

"Oh really?"

"Yes!  Now I demand you let me play this game!"

"I think it's time for you to read a book.  Either you failed law or you're a compulsive liar.   I'd taken even money on both."

"I'm never coming back!"

"Oh no!  I've lost a deadbeat!  Nooooooooo…………"

Have To Help The Hopeless


"Gamer's Edge."

"Yes, I'm stuck in Tomb Raider 2."

"I'm sorry, we don't give advice for games over the phone."

"You have to!  It's the law!"


"When you sell someone a game, you have to help them with it!"

"Oh really."

"The law says so!"

"If you are so smart, then why are you stuck?"

"You just have to help me."

"Uhm, no.  When a car lot sells you a car, do they have to teach you how to drive and how to find your way around Vancouver?"




he Law Firm of Nintendo

"What's that?"

"That's Tobal #2.  It's from Japan."

"That's illegal!"


"It's illegal to import stuff from Japan!"

"Oh really?"

"Nintendo Power said that it's called 'the grey market' and it's illegal.

"You're taking your legal advice from Nintendo, a company that also says that renting games is illegal and that selling used games is piracy?"

"You're going to get into trouble."

"Because I bought a game from Japan?"

"Yes.  That's illegal."

"Stay in school.  And invest in a law book before you become a free lawyer dolling out legal advice from the book of Nintendo."