Some people assume that just because they are asking about repairing a Nintendo product that they must be stupid and will agree to anything simply because they bought a Nintendo product.


hapter Thirty Eight


One day Gord phoned up Nintendo to ask about ordering parts for repairing the crap N64 controllers that broke if you took them out of the box. Nintendo 64 controllers are least durable controllers ever invented and must be part of Nintendo's plan to get rich by forcing people to continually buy new controllers.

Anyway Nintendo directed Gord to contact the company that had been given the contract for parts and repairs in the region.

Gord calls them up.

"I have about a dozen controllers I need fixed.  So I need to order at least a dozen controller stick assemblies."

"We don't sell parts.  You have to send the controllers for us to fix."

"Nintendo implied you did.  Very well.  What will it cost to get them repaired?"

"Twenty-eight dollars."

"...  for a controller stick assembly comprised of plastic and elastics?  that you pop out and toss in a new one?"


"So... like...  does that include two way shipping at least?"

"No, shipping is extra."

"Uh-huh....  So $28 plus shipping...  I can buy new controllers for $25 at wholesale."


" Do you not see something wrong here?  Why would I possibly pay you $28 per controller plus two way shipping when my cost is less than that for an entirely new unit."

"Well, labour of taking it apart and putting it together."

"I live in fear as to how you possibly justify the price you charge for five minutes work.  Here, how about you sell me the control stick assemblies and I'll put them in the controllers myself."

"We don't sell parts."

"Work with me here.  Why would I possibly pay more for a controller to be repaired than to buy a new one?"

"You don't have a very good attitude."

"I'm not the one charging more to repair something than the cost new and refusing to sell parts separately."

"We can charge whatever we want because you have to send them to us.  You can't get the parts from anyone else."

"We'll see about that."


Gord orders replacement parts from Japan for $7 each..