Fox Hunt... oh the humanity..  the humanity....


hapter Thirty Seven

ox Hunt - The Horror, The Horror

"So Gord, what is that up there on top of the back shelf?"

"The ChronoCross clock?"

"No, the thing beside it.  It looks like a game wrapped in a half inch of masking tape.  I think writing on it says 'Warning! Do Not Play!'"

"Ah, that would be Fox Hunt.  In order to prevent anyone accidentally playing the game, I've sealed it for all time."

"Can I play it?"


"Why?  It can't be that bad."

"Oh yes, yes it can.  Now imagine the horror of the most grainy FMV game ever, and multiply that by slapping it up on the big screen.  Children from around the world will suffer many a sleepless night."

"Well, one day I'll give it a try."

"No, no you won't in the name of all that is pure in the world.  It's sealed for our protection"

<week goes by>

<Gord enters the store after taking the afternoon off>

"OH, BY THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!  Sweet merciful Jesus!  What the hell have you boys done?!   Say it isn't so!  SAY IT ISN'T SO!"

"Gord, this game is so bad it's sweet!  Why didn't you tell us about it earlier!"

"My eyes!  My eyes!"

"Check out the wheelchair action!  Look at me go!"

"Why?  WHY!"

"We should have a Fox Hunt tournament."

"Let's not and say we didn't."

"Can I take this home tonight?"

"Do you promise to never bring it back?"

"And not share the beauty that is Fox Hunt with all that come to your store?  I'll bring it back tomorrow and make everyone play it."

"Are you trying to drive me out of business?"

At least the game had curious humour and an interesting soundtrack even if it was quite horrible. After a couple days of playing, it was once again sealed for all time.