The Gord needs to take more vacations.


hapter Thirty Five

ord Takes A Vacation

For another summer had come to be at the game store.  During the summer, many of The Gord's patrons would take vacations at various destinations.  The Gord, too, decided he would join the ranks of those who left the region during the summer season.

In fact, The Gord would take a world tour.

Though fate would not allow The Gord to physically travel away from the store for an extended period at this time, so once again The Gord would look into the past and remember an act from a former mentor.  The mentor's name was Al Bundy.

The Gord went to the back of the store on a Monday morning, set up a sign that read "The Gord is on vacation" and then held up a second sign that read "Today The Gord is in Alaska".

Throughout the day, The Gord played games that featured the cold, from the original Metal Gear Solid (with the base in Alaska) to various winter sport games to anything with snow in it. 

On the second day of The Gord's vacation, he found himself in Japan.  The sign was changed to read he was in Japan.  Music played that was entirely from Japan, ranging from songs of DDR fame to groups like TRF, X, and Speed.  The Gord played games that were only available as an import (such as Tobal No. 2) and watched anime.  Good anime, like Evangelion.  Or simply left on the Asian TV channel while he played StarCraft on the Asian server.

On the third day, The Gord found himself in France.  The TV was turned to the French channel, the MP3s were of a French variety, and The Gord played StarCraft all day on the European servers joining games with French names.  The sign read "Gord is in France!  French Fries for everyone, mon ami's!"

On the fourth day, The Gord found himself doing a Japanese and Korean tour again.  He liked it so much the first time, he came back for another day of Japanese music and Korean StarCraft.. 

Lastly, on the fifth day The Gord found himself on Babylon 5.  It must be true, the sign said so.  Babylon 5 was aired.  Babylon 5 movies were rented.  Babylon 5 music was played.  The Gord even bought a Babylon 5 poster from the Babylon 5 gift shop known as eBay.  Oddly enough, The Gord played StarCraft on various space platform levels.

Such was The Gord's five day vacation.