Some days, it's just too easy.  Far, far too easy.

hapter Thirty-One

ameShark of Death!

Customer walks into the game store....

"How much is a GameShark worth in cash?"

"$15 or so, depending the the version."

"Here you go."

Customer hands Gord a GameShark.  Gord goes to plug it in to make sure it works.

"Well, that $15 just became zero."

"What?  It works!"

"Sir, what does the screen say?"

<dramtic pause>


"I'm not hearing you read it."


"And by 'uhm' you meant Gamer's Edge Game Shark of Death."

Gord had his GameSharks reflashed with a much more useful program that what the standard GameSharks shipped with, as well he had the store name and catch phrases put on them as part of the main menu screen.  This particular unit had been rented and not returned some two months prior.

"I'll just take it back."

"That's ok.  But I'll sell you a new one if you like."

"It's not yours anymore!"

"I do believe it has my name on it."

"Don't make me come back there!"

Gord picks up GameShark and looks at the increasing hostile customer.

"Here's the GameShark.  If you think you can take it from me, you're welcome to try."

Customer ponders.  Then customers decides that it was indeed wiser to simply utter vulgarities and promises to never return.

Gord thanked him for returning the GameShark.