All I ask for are normal customers.  Can't they read the sign?  Normal customers only!


hapter Twenty Nine

nother Simple Plan

Gord turns the store over to a friend of his while he does a couple errands, and when Gord returns he is informed that all that happened were a couple games were rented.

Gord looks over the list.

"Hey, why did Jason get his game PUR?"

(PUR = Payable Upon Return.  -ed)

"He said he always pays for them when he returns the games."

"He lies.  No one gets PUR."

"He said he's a big customer."

"I have no idea who he is.  Anyway, you know for next time."

Four hours later...

"I'd like to exchange this game please."


Gord pulls up the game in the computer.  Hey!  It's our antagonist, Jason!

"Ok, that will be $2 for returning that game."


"You rented it payable upon return.  It's returned.  Cough up."

"But I'm not done with the rental yet."

"You just brought it back"

"You don't understand. I want to exchange and rent this game."

"I don't understand?  You lied to the guy working earlier that you rent games and pay for them when you return them.  I'm just going along with your lie."

"I always do that."

"I'm sorry, did I ask you to lie to me again?"

"I'll pay when I bring that game back."

"You said that about the first game.  I'm afraid we will have to complete this transaction before any future negotiations can begin."

"I just want to trade this game for that game, and I'll pay when I bring it back."

"I have a better idea.  How about you pay for your games up front like everyone else?"

"But I pay when I bring them back."

"It's not a good lie when we both know you're lying."


"Now, I'll forget the whole thing if you pay $2 for the rental, and $1 for the exchange."


And thus peace was restored to the land.