And yet he managed to get a drivers license...


hapter Twenty Six

et They Let Him Drive?

Father/Son combo enter the store.  Son chooses games, they come up to the counter together to rent them.

"Do you have an account?"


"You'll need to sign one up.  You'll need a drivers license, and either a credit card or social insurance card."

"I don't have a credit card."

"Then you'll have to use a drivers license and a social insurance card."

<Customer places drivers license on the counter.  Gord enters info into the computer>

"And a social insurance card?"

"That's illegal to require."

(oh yay, guess who took the $5 law class instead of the $10 one)

"You are correct.  However, store policy is that you need government picture ID and a credit card.  As a convenience, we will allow you to substitute a SIN card for a credit card."

"Requiring a SIN card is illegal."

"Yes, I agree.  However, requiring a credit card is not.  And that is store policy."

"I don't have a credit card."

"If you do not have a credit card, we will accept a SIN card."

"That's illegal!"

"If you're so smart, why aren't you rich?"

"We're leaving!"

Customers leave in a hurry.  Gord notices drivers license was left on the counter.  "Chris!  Run this out to them before they drive away."

But alas, in order to prove that they were manly men, they just squealed the tires on the road to prove how tough they were, and paid no attention to Chris trying to get their attention.

So Gord just tosses the drivers license in an envelope and mails it to the address listed on the license.

Three days later....


"Gamer's Edge."

"Yes, my husband was in your store on Sunday, and he left his license there."

"I mailed that back to you on Monday morning."

"Why'd you do that!  Why didn't you just call!"

"Because first, I didn't have the number, and second, this way takes longer."

"You better pay us!"

"Pay you?  For what may I be so bold as to ask?"

"My husband hasn't been able to drive to work all week.  You owe us for his lost wages!"

"I'm afraid I don't agree to that plan."

"We'll sue!"

"Would you mind?"

"We're never renting from you!"

"Was that decided before or after I told you I wasn't renting anything to you?"


<next day>

Seems the price of a letter went up a penny and no one told Gord, as he never mails anything and the letter was returned due to insufficient postage.  So Gord just dropped off the license at the government agents office (where you get your drivers license from) when he paid his electrical bill across the road that day.



"Gamers Edge"

"Yes, my husband left his license there on Sunday and you said you mailed it to us!"

"Yes, but I was short on the postage.  So it came back.  I dropped it off at the court house on Thursday that way you could pick it up when you were grabbing your forms to sue me.  Did my concierge not phone you?"

"We owe for speeding tickets!  Now we can't get his license back!"

"And this affects me how?"

"You have to pay us until he starts working again!"

"Hey, I do impressions.  Here's my impression of me hanging up on someone who drinks too much."