There is no air in space.  If there was, we couldn't call it space.  It would be called atmosphere..


hapter Twenty Two

ord Can Keep Going and Going and Going

"What's your best game for the Dreamcast?"


"What's the best shooting game on the Dreamcast?"

"StarLancer.  Ever played Wing Commander?"


"It's Wing Commander."

"My friend says it's a plane game."

"StarLancer is Wing Commander in Space.  And Wing Commander was Wing Commander in space."


"Now, unlike a vehicle in space which requires a thrust applied to the direction opposite to which you want to move, a plane uses it's wings, rudders, and elevator panes to rotate the plane and change it's pitch."

"What else do you have?"

"Now, the plane used it's wings to 'lift' the plane by applying a forward momentum to the wings which when pitched slightly up, they created a high pressure center under the wing."

"I don't care."

"Now, the air pressure under the wings is now greater than the air pressure over top of the wings, which has now been depressed due to forward movement of the wing, in effect attempting to create a vacuum in it's wake."

"Please stop."

"This air pressure difference leads to the wing being 'lifted' by the air pressure under the wing as it seeks an equalization of pressures."

"Please shut up."

"And that is why planes cannot fly in space.  Next, engines on planes require air as part of it's acceleration."

"Fine!  I'll take the game!"

"Great.  I'll hold it for you."