It's always my fault when they don't read the box or ask what the software does.

hapter Twenty-One

ell, Someone Lied!

Customer walks into store, comes straight to counter.  Unfamiliar face.

"Do you have Bleem for the Dreamcast?"

"The one that lets you play Gran Turismo 2?"

"Yep.  That's the one."

"Not at the moment, but I've got 2 copies coming in tomorrow, though one is already spoken for."

"Can I get the other one?"

"Sure.  It'll be In tomorrow around 1."

Customer leaves his name and number.  Bleem comes in the next day as expected.  Customer is phoned.  Customer comes down, buys Bleem for $10, and leaves.

Customer returns an hour later, a very angry customer.

"Bleem only works for one game!"

"Well, yes.  It works only for Gran Turismo 2.  Just like the case says."

"You told me it would work for every game!"

"I told you no such lies."

"Yes you did!"

"You're right.  You got me.  I was so desperate to sell a $10 CD that I spun a web of lies and deception just to lure you in.  If I remember correctly, our entire conversation yesterday was  about whether I could get it in, not about what it did."

"It didn't do what I thought it would."

"But it worked exactly as they said it would.  What you thought is irrelevant."

"I want my money back."

"When I dream, I want a pony."