Some people are far too much of a pushover for their own good. 

hapter Nineteen

etween A Rock And A Hard Place.



"Yes, this is Gord from Gamer's Edge.  Just phoning to let you know that Super Smash Bros is late."

"I rented that game for a friend of mine.  He has it."

"Well, you're still responsible for it."

"Ok.  I'll take care of it."


A couple hours later, buddy comes down to the store.

"Ya, about that Super Smash Bros.  My friend says he returned it."

"I would put forth the idea that your friend is a liar…  Why would your friend not rent it himself if he planned on returning it?"

"Well, I don't want to tell him he's a liar.  He will get mad and start yelling.  He does that when this happens."

<blink blink>

"So this has happened before?"


"And you let it happen again because?"

"Well, he's my friend."

"I see…  Would you like me to call him up and resolve this problem?"

"I'll come up with something.  I'll be back in an hour."

Customer leaves.  Then returns later.  He then gives Gord a brand new copy of Super Smash Bros.  He then pays off his late charges.

"Uhm, would it have not been easier to just go get the game back?"

"No, this was much easier."

"Err… ok…"

Some people's children.