Just because something sucks doesn't mean it's cheap. 

hapter Seventeen

on't Touch!  You'll Go Blind!

(sadly, the variants of this conversation have happened far too many times)

As mentioned before in Annoyances, Gord has a couple Virtual Boy headsets by the door on top of a six foot display that are missing stands as the stands have long since broke.

And every month or so, someone comes in on a mission and has to buy one of them even though they are never going to be able to use it..

"Sell me one."

"They aren't for sale."

"Why not?"

"Because they are missing a stand.  Once you plug in a controller, they'll just tip."

"But I want one."

"Then you'll pay through the nose for one if you can find one.  They are quite rare now."

"Sell me one of yours."

"Make me an offer?"


"Make me an offer.  If the offer is high enough, I'll part with one."

"How about $20?"

"I'll pass."

"But that's $20!"

"True, but I get much more value out of the Virtual Boys just sitting there than what your $20 could buy.  Perhaps for $50 and you buy six games on top of that, then we can begin discussing my parting with one."

"But I don't want to spend that much."

"Then you won't be buying one."

"Sell me one!"


"Why not?"

"What possible reason would I have for parting with a fixture that I am going to be unable to replace for a considerable time, and why would I part with it for a mere pittance?  If I was going to sell it for cheap, they would have all been sold already."

"What about that one behind the counter?"

"My personal one that I never play and I just leave it up there?  Never again to be touched?  Never again to be held in the hands of a loving gamer?  A martyr, cast into death before it's time?"


"It's not for sale."

"Why won't you sell them!"

"Because you cannot provide a significant enough interest in what you are offering in trade."

And thus he left, angry.  And my Virtual Boys still sit, watching ever vigilant over the store.