Do they honestly expect me to treat them nicely after they've gone to great lengths to be quite rude to me?


hapter Sixteen



"Gamer's Edge"

"I'd like to find out what some of my games are worth in trade."


<customer lists off games, Gord compiles prices, gives breakdown and then total.>

"That's it?  $95?!"

"Well, most of your games are of low resale value and sell for $20 new.  You've only got one that's really 'good' in terms of reselling quickly."

"You're a rip-off!"

"You're welcome to your opinion, even if it is wrong."

"I'm going to your competition!  They'll give me more."

"You do that."


<10 minutes later>


"Gamer's Edge"

"Yes, I phoned a few minutes ago.  You quoted me $95 for some game trades."

"That is true, but now it's worth $88."


"Because I can.  Obviously since you're calling back, you were offered less from everyone else.  So I conclude that I can give you less now."

"But you offered $95!"

"And you called me a rip-off.  I'm far above petty theft.  If I was going to enter the criminal underworld, I'd be one of the masterminds."

"What does that mean?"

"That means you'll get $88 for your games."

"I'm never dealing with you again!"


<2 hours later>

<customer walks in and looks at used games.  He then chooses one for $49 and one for $39, totaling $88>

"I'd like to trade these games in please and buy these 2 games please."

"Very well then.  That'll be 10 cents please."


"You're games are worth $87.90 in trade."

"But you said $88!"

"I say a lot of things."

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"Because you annoyed me.  Perhaps if you had been more polite, all this could have been avoided."

<dramatic pause>

"That'll be ten cents please."