So they broke a game.  Pony up and pay for it.  At least then they won't have your credit shot over a game they don't even own.

hapter Thirteen

ompulsive Liar Syndrome!

So this fellow walks in to the store with a Sega Genesis and a couple crap games.  He comes up to the counter…

"You talked to my roommate about him trading in a Genesis and some games for a N64."

"Ok. "

"You know who I am talking about?"

"Can't say I do. I talk to a lot of people. "

"Anyway, here is the stuff."

Gord looks at the items.

"You've got $22 worth of stuff here."

"We're trading straight across for an N64, right?"

"No, but it is worth $22 credit towards an N64. "

"You told my roommate you would trade straight across!"

"Uhm... I would sell this game package for $40, and used N64's are $75. Assuming I gave you in trade what I would sell the stuff for, I'd be out $35."


"So you've got $22 credit if you want to trade those in. "

"And the N64 comes with 2 controllers, right?"

"No, it comes with one. "

"You said it came with two!"

"I sell used systems in the same package they come with as new. Namely, a controller, A/V, and the system itself."

"And a game?"

"No game."

"You told my roommate you would trade this straight across for my Genesis and five games for an N64, two controllers, and a game."

"It would appear your roommate was confused. That, or one of us here is making things up as we go along."

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying I'm busy."

"I'm not going to trade this stuff in for an N64 then."

"You act like you made that decision.  I do recall it being made for you."

"I'm leaving!"

"Door is to your left."