What would the guy who runs the store and has seen the movie know? .


hapter Twelve

inja Scroll

Ninja Scroll is a very dark, bloody, overly violent anime movie with some sexual content.  It's actually quite good, and definitely not a family movie.

So when a 10 and an 11 year old try to rent it, the Gord in his all knowing ways declines to rent to them and suggest they find a more appropriate movie.

They depart to get their father waiting in the car, and he is very unimpressed that the Gord wouldn't rent this violent movie to them.

"I don't believe I had to come in here just so they could rent a cartoon!"

"Well, the movie is inappropriate for children."

"Just give me the movie."

"If you want, but sir, I must warn you the movie is exceptionally violent and has material inappropriate for children."

Well he was having none of this.  A cartoon is a cartoon, so he rents it and leaves…

… only to return an hour later!

"What the hell is this?  You rented pornography to my kids!"

"Actually sir, you rented an inappropriate movie for your kids, not I.  I warned you."

"I demand my money back!"

"Sure.  "

"I demand you close my account!"


"I demand you pay me $50!"

"I don't think so there Tim."

"Pay me or I'll call the police!"

"For being a bad parent?"

"On you!"

"On me because you're a bad parent?  That's a pretty big jump."

"I'm never coming back."

"Sounds great to me."

"I said I'm never coming back."

"Yep.  Heard you the first time."

"Aren't you going to try and keep me?"


"Because I'm a good customer."

"No, no you're not.  You're the type of customer who has lead to the world being one where you blame others for your mistakes and errors in judgment."

"So no free rentals?"

"No.  No free rentals."

"Fine.  I'll just rent this then.  Is it appropriate?"

"Yes, that movie is fine."

And buddy then left and returned a reformed parent. 

And the Gord spoke:

Let them be put to shame and confusion who seek my games! Let them be turned back and brought to dishonour who desire my blame!  Let them be appalled because of their shame who say, "It's your fault!" May all who seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee! May those who love thy salvation say evermore, "Gord is great!"