So they broke a game.  Pony up and pay for it.  At least then they won't have your credit shot over a game they don't even own.

hapter Eleven

he Heat Comes Down On The Operation!

So back in the day Gran Turismo was 'da bomb' and everyone wanted it.  With eight copies, it was a huge rental.  Anyway, one of the copies got stolen in October.

So the Gord opens a new copy and it is rented to a new account.

Game comes back looking like it was carved and used to serve drinks on.  Here are the main conversational points from the conversations...

<Conversation one>

"That CD was like that when we got it."

"No, no it wasn't.  You were the first ones to rent it."

"Oh, well my husband will be in to pay for it."

<Conversation two>

"I'm not paying for the game unless I can keep the game!  I want to make sure you aren't making this up!"

"Sure.  You can have it."

"Oh, well my husband will be in to pay for it."

<Conversation three>

"I'm not paying for the game unless I can keep the games AND the case!"

"Sure.  You can have them both.  They're sitting in a drawer."

<Conversation four>

"First you said the game was wrecked, and now you say it doesn't work!  Why are you exaggerating the damage?!"

"Ma'am, you destroyed the game.  You owe for the game.  End of story.  I'm sorry if my choice of adjectives is confusing."

"If you ever want your money, you'll have to sue."

"Fine.  I'll get the paperwork in order and filed."

"We'll see you in court!"


"What?  You can't sue!"

"Why not?"

"Because… because…"

"I see you've put a lot of thought into this plan."


Anyway, two days later I get a wonderfully handcrafted letter from her that would put a six year old to shame if they wrote it.  My god, it was one giant paragraph explaining why she was right and I was wrong.  I will find this letter and scan it for so you can see it.  It was truly god awful.

And the Gord did what he does best, he wrote back.

"I have received your letter dated June 14, 1999.  In this letter, besides highlighting your apparent third grade writing level, you deny any liability on your part for the damage done to the game (Gran Turismo) that you rented."

You can just imagine the rest….  Thus spoke the Gord!