That's right, I stay in business by letting deadbeats play for free all day.  Much better than my selling of products or services.  Asses.


hapter Eight

ou Just Know That They Don't Date

So there it was…  summer.  Everyone loves summer.  And there Gord was just opening the store when a couple guys in their early 20's come in.

"We want to play games on the TV all day!"

"Wow… that's a hell of way to make a good first impression."

"Why isn't the TV on?"

"Because I just opened."

"We want to play games!"

"Try coming back this afternoon when it's turned on."

"What time will that be?"

"Err, maybe around three."

Depressed they were, but they left and planned to return.  3:00pm comes around.   At this point Tekken 3 was playing or something, so Gord didn't care.  Gord dislikes freeloaders who want nothing but free games, but Gord wasn't in the mood of talking to them.

Anyway, they return next day right at 11 and are waiting as Gord comes to open for work.

"We want to play games all day!"

"Uh-huh… well, it won't be on till later, being that I just got here and all."

Again they left, to return at 3pm.  Only this time I had put the Wing Commander movie on and a group was watching it.  So they came to the counter.

"You promised us that we could play games by ourselves today!  So you better tell those people to turn that movie off."

"What was that?  Shut the hell up so I can watch my movie?"

"You promised!"

"That's nice.  Now, I'm busy."

So they stayed and watched the movie.  After it ended they came up to the counter again and demanded that they get to play by themselves until I closed.

"That's nice.  Fine, you want that, then it will be $5 an hour."

"What?!  It's suppose to be free!  And we reserved it!"

"You want to play it by yourself, it's $5 an hour.  (Gord just made this up on the spot)."

"Fine, we'll play with others."

"Wait a minute, do you have an account here?"

"Uhm… no…"

"Then you won't be able to play for free at all."

"Why not!"

"Members only."

"Why?!  That's not nice!"

"True, but being a free arcade to the world is not a good plan."

They left, never to return…