It's one thing to say that they say the thought the game was in the case they returned, but the cases are transparent! 


hapter Six

hen Paying For The Case, I Get A Free Game, Right?

So the Gord comes to work one morning and he has a couple of overnight returns.  So he quickly goes to check the condition of the CD's to make sure everything is fine before he is to file them away, and he takes notice that in one of the cases a game is missing. 

Over the course of the next week Gord tries to get a hold of the guy who rented it.  Seems he is never home and has no answering machine.

When the Gord finally does get a hold of him…

"Yes, this is Gord from Gamer's Edge. I'm phoning regarding Tekken 3."

"I returned Tekken 3."

"Well, actually you only returned the case."

"What, hang on…  ah.  The game is here.  Uhm…  I'm not paying any extra late charges because I thought I returned it."

"Well, technically you had the game, so you owe a $1 a day."

"But I thought I returned it."

"But you didn't."

"If you make me pay the late charges I'll never come back to your store ever again!"

"We'll burn that bridge as we cross it.  But as a rule I don't like dealing with people who turn hostile over an act of stupidity."

"I'm never coming back!"

"That's nice."

"You hear me?"

"Yes I hear you.  I just don't care.  Oh no!  Someone who wants to rack up late charges and refuse to pay them now is saying they will never return.  Oh please, say it isn't so!"

Oddly enough this snapped the guy back into reality and has been a good customer since…