Why is it that the failed parents of the failed children always blame others for their own failures?


hapter Four

ou Should Have Known My Son Was A Thief!

So there was this one account that belonged to a nice lady with no problems.  Anyway, she had on the account one son could use it, but not the other.

So one day the mysterious "other" son comes in and wants to rent a stack of games and a machine.  Well, lacking a credit card or cash deposit, he wasn't able to and whined and whined.  And whined some more.  Finally the whining to me stopped, so he phoned his mom and whined to her.  Eventually he gave up and left empty handed.

Week later he returns.  This time he just wants a couple games. 

"I'm sorry, new accounts are limited to one game."

And the whining began again.  My god, why did Lawrence never return Gord's taser?  It's horrible to see someone 19 whine.  Anyway, back to the phone to phone mommy.

Then mommy decides to talk to me.  "I'll sign up my son on my account so he can use it."

Are you sure?  That means you'll be responsible for any late fees or other costs he may incur.  (I tried to make sure she knew that I knew her son was an idiot).

So buddy then rents the games and never brings them back.  Colour Gord surprised.



"Yes, Barbara?  This is Gord from Gamer's Edge.  About your son Jim there.  Seems he didn't bring back the games he rented on your account."

"I didn't say he could use my account."

"Yes, yes you did."

"No I didn't.  I knew he was going to steal them, that's why I said he couldn't use it."

"We discussed this on the phone."

"No we didn't."

"Yes, yes we did."

"I'm never going to pay!"

"That's nice.  Well, now I see where the kids got it from."

"What are you talking about?"

"Exactly.  Have a good day."


And the account was forwarded to collections.   Curiously enough, a few months later the other "good" son comes in and tries to rent a stack of games for a night on his mom's account.  Apparently he liked the idea of free games and thought Gord wouldn't bat an eye at renting twelve games to an account that was forwarded to collections.