When they rent and don't return a game, they're stealing after they've been caught.  Ruined credit should not be a surpise.


hapter Two

restlemania Ruined My Life!  I Hate You!

So this guy comes into the store, signs up a new account, and rents
Wrestlemania 2000 for the N64.  Anyway, it never comes back.  The people on the phone claim he moved, and the mail was returned.  So off to collections it goes.

… a year later buddy comes storming into the store...


"Uhm, sure.  You owe me money.  Sounds good to me.  Do I guess who you are and make up a number, or do you want to tell me?"

"I tried to get a loan from my bank to buy a car, and my credit record shows I owe you $130!  The collection company says I owe for Wrestlemania!"

"Ah, hang on.  Ah yes, Wrestlemania.  It was rented by you and never returned."

"So you listed it on my credit record?!"

"Well, yes."

"Now no one will lend me any money because they think I'm a bad credit risk!"

"You are a bad credit risk.  This is hardly a surprise."

"You have to remove it from my record."


"So I can get a car loan."

"Let's see, you want me to commit fraud so you look better to your bank.  Nope, not seeing any reason here for me to partake in your plan.  How about you pay off the debt and then it will show it as being paid in full."

"No.  I can't afford that."

"Then you'll be without a car loan.  Good day.  Don't let the door hit you on the way out."

Buddy then starts to almost cry as he leaves.  Then the next day the nice folks from the money place across the road pay me a visit.  Apparently he was trying to get money from everyone for his car loan.  No one would touch him as long as he owed me.  Alas, poor thief, for Gord has ruined him.

Next day, his girlfriend shows up.  Now this is good, she tries to go into how she works at a bank and she knows "the law!" 

"You can't list stuff like that on the bureau."

"Yes, yes I can.  It's a debt, or a credit if you will.  This credit was never paid.  This would be an example of poor credit history."

"That's illegal!"

"And you're the one that works at the bank?  Whoa, standards sure seem to have fallen.  And what's illegal is buddy stealing the game.  Why not just tell him to get off his ass and pay me, then he might get his loan.  No one is going to give him any money as long as he has outstanding bad debts."

This went on back and forth about how she knows the law and she works at a bank and how her mom always said she was a special child.  I later learned she was the part-time receptionist when I stopped in at the bank (as I had an old account there).