Why do they not think of their excuses before they use them, and why do they all use them here?


hapter One

elony Love Lost

So there they were, wanting to rent a game…  "What's the game they're playing on the TV there?"

"Felony 11-79."

"Oh, looks good.  I'll take that one."

So Gord goes to get the CD, looks at it, and shed a tear as he waved at it while thinking "I'm never going to see this CD ever again like this" as this couple had an intelligence that fluctuated based on the temperature.

… 3 days later…

Felony comes back…  And it looks like Pac-Man.  "Uhm… Ok…"  So Gord phones them up and ask what the hell happened, and when they were going to come in and pay for it.

"It was like that when we got it."

The Gord is far above them in intellect and apparently they did not factor that into the equation when they were drawing up this well-crafted excuse.  As well, if I rented a game and it looked like Pac-Man I'd bring that to the attention of the place when I returned it.

Well, they never did pay for it and it was forwarded to collections.

Then a year later they return…

"I would like to rent these games."

"I'm sorry.  Your account has been closed and forwarded to collections for money you owe."

"I want to rent these games!"

"I'm sorry.  That isn't going to happen until you pay off what you owe and give us a credit card for security."

"Fine!  I'll just go elsewhere then!"

"Please do that.  That's why I'm not renting to you."