Oh the memories of running a game store....

...well, that's all of them.

hapter Twenty-Three

have a Book

 "I'd like to rent this game please."

"Do you have an account?"

"No.  But I'd like to sign up one."

"Very well.  Driver's licence and credit card please."

<dramatic pause>

"I have a school book with my name on it."

"Your parents must be so proud."


Ten year old child brings Grant Theft Auto to the counter and asks to rent it.  Gord speaks to the father.

"Sir, might I suggest a different game?  This title isn't really a title for children due to inappropriate material."

"Why is that?"

"Substantial violence and swearing."

"Holy fuck!  You're shitting me!  I can't expose my son to god damned swear words at his age.  That sort of shit will fuck him up.  That's bullshit they make games with swearing.  What son of a bitch would make a game like that?"

<dramatic pause>

<Gord types into the computer>

Note:  Nathan can rent mature games - so says his father.

"Here's your game.  See you in a couple days."


ost and Found

"This is Gord calling from Gamer's Edge.  Just informing you that Devil Dice is late by a week."

"Actually, I lost it.  What will it cost me to replace?"

"Twenty-four dollars."

"That's cheap.  Uhm...  Can I have the case since you won't need it anymore...  Just in case it turns up one day...  You know how kids are..."

"Sir, while Devil Dice is an uncommon game, I have them in stock brand new for $30."


"Really.  Wouldn't you prefer buying a new one?"

"Oh, in that case I'll be right down with your game.  Can you hold a new copy for me?"

"No problem."


"We would like a quote for the front page of the newspaper talking about videogame violence, and it's possible impact on society."

"Video games don't make people more violent, and I'll kill anyone who disagrees."

<dramatic pause>

"I don't think we can print that."


Touch Late

"I'd like to rent these games please."

"Your account is closed."

"Why is that?"

"You rented a game and two movies eight months ago and didn't bring them back despite a number of phone calls requesting them, and your numerous promises to return them."

<dramatic pause>


"That's lovely."


"That was it really.  Do you like my new shirt?"

"So... like...  if I brought the stuff back could I rent again?"

"We'll talk."

<customer returns the next day with product in hand>