Oh the memories of running a game store....

...well, that's all of them.

hapter Twenty-One

on't Announce Your Evil Plans To The World!

 "If someone rents something and doesn't bring it back, what do you do?"

"The account is forwarded to collections."

"Ah, ok then.  I'd like to rent these four games for a night please."

Gord sees that all the games are new releases, and multi-CD games.

"Do you have an account?"

"Nope, what do you need."

"ID and a credit card."

"Why a credit card?"

"Take a guess.  In a book, it's called foreshadowing."

ore Notes From The Computer

Tetris Plus & Rage Racer not returned! Moved. Product Replaced 6/14/98

Forwarded to collections 6/20/98

Returned 7/4/98 - blames roommate

Shaun, dazzled by her remarkable looks claimed  "no problem!" and waived her late charges. Now I have extra copies of the games, and no money from late charges.

Memo: Shaun is to be beaten at a future time.             

ust Sort Of Odd...

Called 6/6/98 - Left message with occupant regarding MLB '99 late..

Called 6/9/98 - Told no longer live there, and that game was returned sans instructions.

Called 6/10/98 - Told contradictory story.

Called 6/16/98 - Talked to mother-no progress- she warned not to call back.  (no one cares)

Called 6/18/98 - Informed mother we would call once a day, and that we would place her number on the wall and let random customers call her to remind her of the game not being returned.

6/19/98 - MLB 99 returned

t's Just Not Worth It.

"That Risk I rented is cool.  Can you order me one to buy?"

"Not really.  Infogrammes decided in their infinite wisdom that if people were buying their old games that were good, consumers wouldn't buy the new games that aren't so good.  I may be able to special order one from the U.S., but it won't be cheap compared to the $30 I used to sell them for."

"I hear I just lost the rental copy."

"I hear your credit card just got billed $100."

"I hear I'll pay $1 and keep it one more day."

esterday's Games

"Why don't you rent Genesis games?"

"Because the average Genesis game costs $5 to buy.  The only ones that people would want to rent would be the rare ones that would become a lot more rare as people rented them and claimed to have lost them."

"There is a lot of money to be made in renting older games like that."

"No there isn't.  If there was, more people would be doing it."

"You don't have very good business sense."

"I'm sorry, what qualifications do you have to pass informed judgements on my abilities to run a business?  Or do you believe that because my opinion differs from yours, that you must be right?  Not withstanding the obvious that I am the one with the business."

"I'd rent them.  I'd be a big customer.  So would everyone else."

"Your tales of delusion lack interest or creativity.  If your owning of a 10 year old console is the best you can afford, then I would suggest the claims that you would be a big customer to be that of a fallacy."

"I'm not going to rent anything from you."

"At this time I'd like to point out that I have nothing you can rent.  Door's to your left."