Why do they think I'll go along with their plans to rip me off?

hapter Fifteen

f I Lie, It's Worth More!


"Gamer's Edge"

"What is a Gran Turismo worth in trade?"

"$8 to $9 if its in mint condition."

"Why so little?"

"Because it sells for $20 brand new.  Not withstanding #2 being a touch more, and number 3 just came out."


Customer then asks about what games are in, and decides on one.

Customer comes down to the store.

"So, you said $10 for Gran Turismo?"

"Assuming I did, it would be for one that had the instruction books and case. "


"So it's a hell of a lot harder to sell in a plastic rental case with no packaging.  When one says they just bought it and it was new, that implies it was new when they bought it recently.  That is not new."

"So, $10?"

"More like $2."

"I think I'll keep the game."


heap Game Mania And A Half!


"Gamer's Edge"

"Yes, why did you send me to collections over a game I bought?"

"Now that would be a strange oddity.  More of a contradiction really.  What is your name or phone number?"

<Gord checks the computer>

"Well, that would be because you rented Resident Evil 3 in November for one night, and you didn't bring it back."

"I bought it!"

"You bought it?"


"For $2?"


"And you didn't think it was odd that you thought you were buying a popular game for $2?"

"Well, I didn't get the case.  So I thought it was on sale."

"And I took your drivers license and social insurance card info from you, and I also got your address and phone number, just to sell you a $2 game?"

"I thought I would get a flyer."

ost Hope Lost

Child comes up to the counter while Gord is very busy.

"Do you sell mod chips?"

"Do I look retarded to you?"

Child walks back to mother standing by the anime.

"He was a mean person."

"What did you say to my son?"

"I asked him if he thought I was retarded."

"Why did you do that?"

"Because he was asking if I would help him steal games and then drive myself out of business.  Perhaps next you can take him to the car lot and say 'we're not here to buy anything, but we were hoping you could teach our son how to steal a vehicle."

harge It!

"How much are Gran Turismo 2's?"

"They are $30 for a new copy."

"Very well.  I'll take one.  Put it on my account."

"Who to the what now?"

"Put it on my account, and I'll take it now."

"Perhaps you mistake me for a credit card agency, or a person of low intellect.  Choose wisely."

"I have an account here, right?"

"Well, yes.  I believe you do."

"So put it on my account."

"Sir, that account is for renting games."

"It's an account, right?"

"And this is why they say you should stay in school."

It's So Complicated!

"Can I trade this game for this one?"

"Well, no.  But your game is worth $6 in trade.  You can use that towards whatever you want."

"I don't understand."

"Well, if you want to trade that game in, you'll have $6 in store credit.  And you can use that credit towards anything in the store."

"Can I trade it straight across for Final Fantasy VIII?"

"Uhm, no.  Those are $30.  You'll have $6 towards it."

"What about straight across for the used copy?"

"No.  Those are $24.  You'll have $6 to use towards it."

"I don't think I'm getting a good deal."

"It's unfortunate you have chosen a path of self deception."

"How about Vanguard Bandits?"

"Sir, the six in the price tag is followed by a 5.  As in $65."

"So it's a deal?"

"Perhaps Microplay will trade you straight across.  Might I suggest you go there?"


ore Cheap Madness!

"Wal-Mart has this game for $20.  You're selling it for $25."

"Yes, I suppose I am."

"I want to buy it, but I want to pay $20."

"Then I suggest you go to Wal-Mart."

"They're sold out and not getting any more."

"Then it looks like you'll have to decide if true love is worth $25."

"You should price match."

"Against a product a store no longer sells?  No, that's quite alright."