Why are the easy concepts lost on them?  Why?

hapter Two

sed Controllers

"Do you have any used dual shock controllers?"

No I don't.

"Yes you do!"

I do?

"Right there!"

Those are the controllers for the demo machine.

"And right there!"

Those belong to the rental units.

"Just sell me one of those."

And what would I use for rental machines?

"You could open new ones for those. "

Uhm, no.

"Why don't you have any used controllers?"

Because they usually only come in with a used machine.  As such, I sell them with the machines.

"So sell me one of those."

And sell the machine with no controllers?  That'll go over well.

"You don't want my business!"

How about I sell you something I have in stock like a new controller?

"I'll take my business elsewhere."

Would you mind?  I would appreciate that.

hat's to Understand?

"Do you have any used PlayStations for sale?"


"Do you have any PlayStations for sale that are used?"

"You just asked that question."

"You don't understand. I want to buy a used PlayStation."

"I don't understand? "

y Mom is Never Wrong!

"I'm phoning about Jet Moto 3 that you have out to let you know it's late."

"That's ok.  It's been stolen."

"..err… ok.  In that case next time you're down we can pay for the game then."

"I said it was stolen.  I don't owe you anything!  My mom said that when a game is stolen that I don't have to pay for it."

"No, that's not the way it works."

So his mom gets on the phone (note: buddy here was 19) and goes off on a rant on how they don't have to pay for games that are stolen.

And the Gord notes again that genetic repression is a trait passed from parent to child.  Account was forwarded to collections.

amn You and Your Proof!

"What's this about your collection company saying I never returned Resident Evil 2!"

Well, you didn't return Resident Evil 2.  Too complicated a concept?

"We returned it the day after we got it right though the return slot on the door!"



Who did exactly?

"He did!"  (point to friend).

You did?


Care to explain how you did that 2 months ago when that drop slot was only put in on Thursday?  Here's the invoice I got a few minutes ago for it.  See the date?

<dramatic pause>

"FUCK YOU!" and they storm out.

Note:  The reason why they were in was because buddy wasn't able to get a car loan because this appeared on his credit file…  And the Gord was satisfied.

ome People Just Don't Understand

Can you play PlayStation 2 games on a PlayStation 1?


So you can't play PlayStation 2 games on a PlayStation 1??

That's right.

Are they cartridges?

No, they're CD's and DVD's.

Will it wreck my machine if I put a PS2 game in it?


And it won't work?

That's correct.

But you can play PlayStation 1 games on the PlayStation 2?

Yes, the machine is backwards compatible.

But I can't play PlayStation 2 games on the PlayStation?

That's correct.

That sucks.