It's God on the phone.  He says for you to shut the hell up!

New section.  Phone stories moved to the Chronicles.

This section will be for Gord's words of wisdom.  Expect his words to be online starting 5/2/01 or so.

For now, you can have this sampling of his wisdom:

"It is a curious action for the parents of the kids who were gunned down at Columbine to start suing video game companies for corrupting the gunmen.  Hell, they want a scapegoat, how about the parents for not raising their own damn kids right.  Or even better, how about the guy who thought it was a brilliant idea to give a couple of genetic recessive outcasts a couple of high powered guns.  What was his litmus test?  Did he even bother to ask them what they wanted a collection of guns for?

And just what ever happened to people just being crazy?  Did we cure crazy when I wasn't looking?  Some people are just crazy.  It's not society's fault that they are crazy.  At best blame the parents for drinking while pregnant or dropping them as babies.

Some people are just crazy.  So lock them up and put them in a room full of rats.  That'll learn them.  Hell, back in the day crazy people were stoned and cast off from society.  Now they are nurtured and cared for.  Then they end up on welfare and spending my money I pay into the system."

Update!  (6/4/01)

Wait, I'm a liar.  But I have the best of intentions for this page.  I'll get around to it eventually.  For Gord is all knowing and eternally wise.

Update!  (6/25/01)

Still wise and all knowing, just sidetracked.

Update!  (7/1/01)

"I see dumb people…
… they're everywhere…
… they walk around like everyone else…
… they don't even know that they are dumb…

...some of them…

… they shop here!"

Ah Sixth Sense…

Update! (7/17/00)

Gord had some very cool ideas for rants and such to put here.  He'll get on typing some of them tonight, just to impress everyone.

Update! (7/19/00)

Ok.  I lied again.  Stores been busy, and the weekend is coming up.  I blame Gran Turismo 3 for this.

Update!  (7/29/01)

Lord of the flies!  Look!  Speech!  The gaming apocalypse is upon us!  These are the end of times!  A darkness overcomes us!

Gord's thoughts on the Xbox.  Namely, his belief on why it will be a non-contended in the video game market.  Quite long.  More of serious read actually.

Xbox--Path To Love

Update!  (7/31/01)

Gord was on TV again for the first time.  His words of wisdom were carried for all to see.  Sadly his quote of "video games don't make people more violent and I'll kill anyway who disagrees" was not aired.

Autographs available upon request. 

Update!  8/3/01

BlockBuster vs Gord!