"I took the rest away under the 'idiot tax.'"

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The Gord is all knowing.  Fear the Gord.

Stealing With Credit!


"Gamer's Edge"

"Yes, I was wondering if you could tell me how much credit I have on file."

"What is your phone number please?"

<name and phone number are given>

"You currently have $0 credit on file."

"But I had over $50!"

"That is true, you did.  But then you stole Aerofighter Assault on May 22 of 2000.  So I just took the price of if off your credit, and then took the rest away under the 'idiot tax.'"

"I didn't steal it"

"Yes you did.  I saw you.  I even asked you if you liked crap shooting games before you left, and that I specifically said that 'Aerofighter Assault is a very poor game, I can't believe anyone would rent it.'  I said it right to you when the game was sticking out from your pocket."

"I don't steal!"

"I saw you pick it up and put in your pocket."

<Dramatic pause>