Don't steal from Gord when Gord knows who you are!

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The Gord is all knowing.  Fear the Gord.

Why Yes Gord, I am retarded.

Sadly the live thief bait program worked a little too well and for the longest time no one dared to try and steal the overpriced crap N64 games like Wayne Gretzky's hockey.

Then one day, one dared to steal from the Gord!

So our beloved thief decided to make his move at lunch time when the store is quite busy.  Right to the N64 games he goes and stuffs his jeans with crap games.

The Gord laughs at the amateur and waves at him.

The would be thief then walks begins to walk around the store to look all the pretty cases.  Eventually he winds his way over to the anime which is next to the counter.  Gord takes this opportunity to speak up and say hi.

"So Steve, you like N64 games?" spoke Gord as he tapped his jeans to show he knew buddy had stuffed games into his pockets.


"You like N64 games?" spoke the Gord as again he slapped his jeans in the same spots the thief had placed the stolen games on his person.


And at this time buddy walked back to the shelf where the games were from and stood there.  The Gord assumed he was going to put them back since he was caught.

Instead, he took all the games remaining and made a bolt for the door and to freedom!  Down the street he was gone.

"Well, I'm out $8."

A brief inquiry as to where buddy lived was fruitless.  Then it downed on the Gord to see if buddy had an account at the store.

And low and behold, there he did.  So Gord phoned up the police and sent them over.  The games were recovered and buddy went to jail.

Sadly he made no offer to pay the huge prices on the games, so instead Gord only got his crap games back and a story to tell the masses.